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Racor Snap Marine

This filter comes with mounting bracket and quick connect snappp fittings     
Kit part # 23299-10   replacement filter  part # R23298-10
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      SNAPP™ Marine Fuel Filter/Water Separator

      Note: SNAPP 2 micron filters are approved for flows up to 40 gph (151 lph) in gasoline only. 2, 10 and 30 micron filters can be used up to 26 gph (100 lph) in gasoline and diesel.

      The SNAPP™ Marine Fuel Filter/Water Separator is a compact, quick service filter with premium filtration capabilities. The patented bracket system and quick connect fittings make element change-outs both easy and tool free. At just four inches wide with 2 to 2-1/2 inch bolt spacing, the SNAPP™ filter and bracket fits anywhere and protects everywhere.

      Designed for engines with a fuel flow rate up to 40 gph (151 lph), the SNAPP™ filter is installed in the fuel line between the tank and the engine. The filter literally “snaps” into its stainless steel mounting bracket. Included quick connect couplings allow for fast connection to fuel lines. The inlet and outlet ports can be positioned as necessary by simply flipping the SNAPP™ filter in the bracket. The SNAPP™ fuel filter features Aquabloc® media inside for the highest performance contaminant and water removal available.

      Note: 40 gph (151 lph) fuel flow requires choosing 2 micron media. 10 and 30 micron media are for flows up to 26 gph (100 lph.)

      Typical small marine filters use a spin-on element that requires a strap wrench to service and can be difficult to get to in cramped spaces. The SNAPP™ filter requires only 2.5” front clearance for servicing and no tools are necessary. To change the filter simply squeeze the used filter’s quick-release tabs, remove and prime the new filter (outlet of old to inlet of new), re-attach fuel lines, and snap the new filter back into the bracket. 

      The SNAPP™ is one piece high impact nylon construction with a permanent stainless steel mounting bracket and resists rust and corrosion in marine environments. The clear collection bowl allows at-a-glance inspection of fuel quality with an option for a self-vent drain to easily remove collected water.

      How to Select:

      Note: SNAPP 2 micron filters are approved for flows up to 40 gph (151 lph) in gasoline only. 2, 10 and 30 micron filters can be used up to 26 gph (100 lph) in gasoline and diesel.

      • Select a First Fit Kit for new installations, or select replacement filter element.

      • Select a self-venting drain option or choose a bowl without a drain option. You may still drain water from the filter without a drain by removing it from the bracket and inverting; letting collected water drain from the inlet.

      • Select the Aquabloc® media micron rating. Choose 2 micron if the filter is the final filter before fuel reaches the engine, or if 40 gph (151 lph) gasoline flow is required. If the filter is a pre-filter to another filter, then choose 10 or 30 micron. 30 micron will last longer but allows more contaminants to reach the final filter.
      How it Works: 

    Patented Aquabloc® media has long been at the heart of Racor’s world-class filtration. 99% of any free water in the fuel is blocked by the specially treated composite media, where it collects into larger drops that fall into the transparent collection bowl. Up to 99% of dirt and rust particles are trapped by the large media surface area, guaranteeing superior fuel injection system protection. Aquabloc® media is a blend of high-grade cellulose compounded with engineered fibers and chemically treated to repel water. Filter elements are available in 2, 10, or 30 micron ratings and are compatible with diesel, B-20 biofuels, gasoline, and E10. The SNAPP™ filter’s ease of service, coupled with its superior filtration, make it a perfect solution whenever small engines need big protection.
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