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SuperCharge Batteries

High Quality, High Performance
SuperCharge Batteries get your motor running and give you a great start even in extreme weather and road conditions. It has a broad range of lead-acid batteries in Australia that serve everyday vehicle and various industrial or recreational power needs of the market today.

SuperCharge Batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Powered with advanced EXG technology, SuperCharge batteries are guaranteed to perform on its optimal level giving motorists a true value for their money.   Automotive Batteries    Marine Batteries      Deep Cycle Batteries  Heavy Machinery Batteries

EXG Technology
Battery grid technology has drastically changed in the recent years. Grids were traditionally made using gravity-casted lead-antimony alloys for both the positive and negative plates. Some manufacturers then shifted to casting lead-calcium alloys and now produce either a hybrid design of casted antimony and calcium, or casted calcium-calcium.

EXG Technology is an advanced, fully-automated process that uses continuous rolled strips which are then compacted under high pressure, sliced, expanded and cut into grid strips. It is a technology adopted by the world’s leading battery manufacturers and proven in the most extreme climates and road conditions around the world.

We stock a large range of the most popular batteries  please phone or click on Battery Cataloue to find your make or model 


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