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Filter Cleaning


Brisbane  Air  Cleaner  Services   Pty Ltd 

  Successfully wet washing air filters since 1977.


  We have  3  other locations around Brisbane as a Drop off for your filters 

Sunshine Coast at   Suncoast Truck Spares    7 Kessling Ave  Kunda Park  5476 5711

    Southside           at   Mr Filters      1/118 Lahrs Rd   Ormeau    5540 7530

    Westside              at   Maxiparts      27/29 Flint St    North Ipswitch 3281 5550                                        

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 We wash - Air Filters,Panels, Filter Bags, Filter Socks , Drill Filters all Media types and Hydraulic Strainer Filters

  We Stock

   Air Filters Housings,Replacement Air Elements,Oil Filters, Hydraulic Filters,Fuel Filters, Filter Media,Oils, Greases , Grease Guns, Fuel Hoses,Hose Clamps Fuel Nozels,Batteries, Air Inlet  Rubber Moulded Bends, Earthmoving Wear Parts,Fuel Water Seperators 

We have refined our processes that utilises recycled water sourced from our state of the art filtering tower.


  When Brisbane Air Cleaners receives your filter it is engraved with your name and the date that it was received . 
 Your filter is washed and pressure tested,hot oven dried and packed in a plastic bag displaying your name & Filter part number.
                (The plastic bag can be reused to store your dirty filter elements.)
We wil notify you when your filter has either passed or failed our testing process . If it has failed and is unservicable a replacement filter can be purchased
         There is no charge for the filters that don’t come up to our rigid testing process and are     deemed unservicable
          We also have a showroom where you will receive expert knowledge friendly service when purchasing products 
          If you decide to have your filter cleaned by us , you can expect the cost to be about half the replacement cost.
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